List of Common Diabetes Medications

Diabetes is a state of disease whereby sugar level of a person’s body increases which results into the person body unable to use or make insulin. Insulin is basically a substance that helps our body use the sugar from the food that we eat. There are two types of diabetes and therefore the medications used for both of them are different. The general cause of diabetes one is the lack of insulin due to its destruction. The symptoms develop over a short period of time and typically occur in children and young adults.  Diabetes 2 is caused by number of factors one being a condition whereby body muscle fat, liver and cells do not use its insulin effectively. Diabetes 2 mostly develops in middle aged and older people who are overweight and obese.

Studies have shown that genes play an important role in susceptibility of diabetes.


2. Talk about any type of diabetes the latter part or to keep in control each of its kind there’s medications required otherwise increase of which can cause a human body serious complications resulting sometimes into even death. The rate of diabetic patients in India is very high, around 62.23 million people are infected with diabetes and around 44 lakh people are unaware about their diabetic conditions, so how will they cure themselves? And what about medications? As diabetes is only a lifelong disease which will only worsen with the age, the outcome of diabetes increment will lead to various other diseases and this will be very harmful for the person, so it is become a very need of the time that the person has to focus on curing or controlling his diabetes and staying in the 21st century we have medications for almost everything, there are so many medications out there in the market that can help you to treat your diabetes. So here is the list of few best drugs and medications to be taken for managing your diabetic level in the body.

There we go for a quick list of common diabetes medications!

  1. Insulin – Insulin is the most common form of medication used in both the form of diabetes. Insulin is a hormone that body makes to help move glucose form the body’s bloodstream into the body’s cell. It is given via Injection to the person and comes in different types. The type of insulin required by each person will vary depending on how severe the person insulin depletion is. Some of the form of insulin is short acting insulin, Rapid acting insulin, Intermediate acting insulin, long acting Insulin, Combination Insulin. Short acting insulin or Regular insulin should be taken by a diabetes patient only with the doctor’s guidance and consultation. This type of dosage is based on a person’s blood sugar levels, other medical problems a person may have, drugs apart from diabetes that a person is taking, and the diet etc. Regular insulin may cause low blood which can be serious and life threatening at times. Hence a person needs to have a regular check of his sugar levels while in taking such kind of dosage. Rapid acting insulin can be categorized further depending on what medication does the diabetic person requires. This type of Insulin should be taken by a person under a doctor’s guidance otherwise it can cause severe leading to allergic reactions in a person’s body. A person while medicating on different types of Insulin needs to take care of his diet and exercise.  Regular consulting the doctor is a must and at frequent intervals depending on the sugar level or diabetes that a person has.
  2. Amylinomimetic drug– This is drug which is commonly used in diabetes 1 and diabetes 2 patients as per doctor’s prescriptions. It is given as an injection before a meal. This drug is used with insulin but the drug’s injection is given separately to a person. It works with the insulin to control the blood sugar level of a person after meals. The medicine in form of drug slows down food moving through a person’s stomach and slows down sugars moving in the blood. The drug also lowers an appetite and help to maintain weight of a person making him healthy. Amylinomimetics drugs are basically synthetic drugs that acts like naturally occurring hormone called “Amylin”. People with type 1 diabetes do not make amylin. People with type 2 diabetes who need insulin do not make enough amylin, hence helping to control the sugar level of a person.
  3. Thiazolidinediones drug   Thiazolidinediones is a type of drug used normally used to cure second type of diabetes  of a person. This drug was invented in the late 1990’s and is also known as glitazones. These medications work by decreasing glucose in liver of a body. While a person intakes such kind of drugs he needs to take great care of heart as this drug comes with an increase risk of heart disease. The doctor takes huge care of heart function while prescribing as Thiazolidine drug. Some of the examples of such kind of drug are Avandia, actos, oseni etc.
  4. sulfonylureas
  5. Meglitinides  many of us are not aware of this medication but these medicines are very helpful and enable the insulin secretion from the pancreas. However the duration of the action is very short.  Because these medicines are fast acting so a person should take them right before the meal. In case you are feeling that you are going to miss the meal then you avoid taking these drugs. This may be very alluring for the diabetic patients who lean to have a varied frequency in their meal and even plan to skip meals. There should be a proper intake of these drugs or It may lead to unnecessary low blood sugar.

Generally people with diabetes 1 and diabetes 2 need some other medications apart from the diabetes which are common to people suffering from diabetes such as medicines for healthy heart, drugs to keep cholesterol in control, high blood pressures

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