Herbal and Natural remedies for Diabetes

Diabetes one of the most common disease in the world, around 62.23 million of people are suffering with diabetes in India itself. India ranks 2nd in the world in the number of diabetic patients whereas China ranks 1st with 93.2 million people being diabetic. The most shocking statics of the report show that around 44lakh people of India are yet unaware of them being diabetic.

So what is diabetes? Well in simple words diabetes is a high blood glucose level which leads to reduction in the insulin level of the body or at times body is unable to detect the insulin.

There are three types of Diabetes

  1. Type 1 diabetes.
  2. Type 2 diabetes.
  3. Gestational diabetes.


The most crucial part of this disease is that it is a lifelong disease and one can never get rid of it, diabetes only worsens with the age. So it is become very important for a person to know how he should control it. As we are in the 21st century there are so many medications out there which can help a diabetic patient to manage his diabetes. But they are really expensive and some time even unaffordable. Checkout more about this on drwhitaker.  In this case a person should not be demotivated; he can yet control his diabetes by eating some natural herbs. What are they? And which one to eat?  Well do not be confused about this; here is the list of which natural herbs are the most preferable for the diabetic patients.

Natural herbs are the use of plants for medical purposes.  Natural herbs for diabetes are as follows-

  1. Neem- A best herbal remedy to control your blood glucose level in the body is intake of neem leaf. One can even crush 3 to 4 leaves of neem and make a juice of it and have it instead of having the leaves directly. But make sure you have this juice empty stomach and early morning. The bitterness of neem leaves helps to control the blood sugar level of the body and it also helps to control the anxiety level of the body which is very beneficial for the type 2 diabetes people.
  1. Jamun– Indian jamun is one of the most beneficial and tasty fruit that can help a person to reduce his diabetes. He can have 3 to 4 jamuns everyday or he can even crush them and make a powder of it and have it every day with a warm glass of water but he/she should have it empty stomach only. It helps to lower the blood sugar level in the body and also control the insulin spikes in the body. So this is an easy task as intake of jamun is tasty as well as good for health.
  2. Tulsi leaf – A best home remedy that naturally cures diabetes is tulsi, a diabetic patient should intake tulsi leaf everyday early morning without having anything. He/she can even make a juice out of tulsi leaf and have it every day early morning with a glass of warm water. Tulsi leaf is not only beneficial for diabetic patients but people should have it otherwise too! It helps you to have a control on your body as it contains some anti oxidants that have help a person to maintain the anxiety level and the stress level of a body.
  3. Aloe Vera – aloe vera is the best herb for a human body, it has so many benefits but many people are unaware about aloe vera that it helps the person to control his/her diabetes. Intake of aloe vera juice everyday helps the person to control the blood sugar level in the body. It has hypoglycemic ability which is very beneficial for the people with insulin related problems. Aloe vera is very beneficial for people diagonised with Type2 diabetes.
  1. Leaves of bilberry ( neelabadari plant ) – Ayurveda has used this natural herb for ages for medications and to cure different types of diseases. But it the most beneficial for diabetes, it contains a very high amount of anthocyanidin which is help for the people suffering with diabetes, the level of proteins is very high which helps in glucose transformation and fat metabolism and finally helps to lower blood sugar level in the body which is the root cause of diabetes.
  1. Drum stick leaves – Moringa ( Hindi , leaves best known to control the energy level of the human body, so a person never feels dull and it even helps the person to digest the food and lowers the blood pressure of the body. The anxiety level and the stress level of the human body is reduced completely after intake of drumstick leaves.

He/she can have it directly or crush the leaves and make a juice out of it and have it every day with warm water early morning, make sure you are empty stomach before having it. One cannot eat anything until he/she has this juice or intakes the drumstick leaves and it won’t be that effective.

These were few natural herbs and remedies that can help a person to control his diabetes. The main issue with natural herbs is that it becomes really difficult for a person to eat it or drink it initially as some of them are bitter. But never give up, these are even more effective than medications. Consistency and regularity is very important if one has to control his/her diabetes naturally. And a diabetic patient should also focus on having the things as mentioned above, if they have things after food which are suppose to be eaten empty stomach then these remedies will not be that effective.

Diabetes is a disease which is an outcome of life style problem and it can be any day better controlled using natural herbs and remedies and some exercising and physical activities will be beneficial too! I hope the article was informative for you and you can now control your diabetes in a better way using these natural herbs in to your daily life. 

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