How to Treat Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes is one of the most growing phenomena witnessed by the world today. India ranks 2nd in the list of the diabetic patients in the world and according to the report soon India will cross around 100 million people who will be suffering from diabetes.  With this growing number of diabetic patients there is an emerges the need for its medication too! But not many people can afford it and according to the American Diabetes Association around 67 billion dollars were spent in the last financial year for the medications of diabetes. And they expect great revenue in the coming years.


What is Diabetes Exactly?

Diabetes is a metabolic disease when a person has a high level of glucose in the blood and this can be only because of two prime reasons

a) Insulin production of the body is not adequate.

b) The body can not react to the produced insulin.

And there are cases in which the person has both the conditions prevailing, it is one of the scariest diseases as it is a lifelong disease and it can only get worse with the age. So you see you can never really get rid of it, however one can also take measures for controlling it. But medications are very expensive these days, what if you cannot afford it? Well even if you can doctors also suggest for a person to go for natural remedies. People suffering with diabetes face a lot of problems everyday they are tired in very few time and diabetes may even lead to various other diseases and this may even harm the person

Naturally you can not only have a better control on your diabetes but also improve your health.

Tips to follow to cure diabetes naturally –

  1. Exercise daily – Exercising daily is the key solution to maintain your health and one can spend at least 30 to 45 minutes of their day exercising to keep their body energetic and lively. It not only helps you to keep obesity away but also reduces the anxiety level in the body and reduces the level of risk and it also is insulin sensitivity so it helps a lot to the diabetic patients. If one cannot give time for exercising then they should at least make a point of indulging into more of physical activities like walking, walking after having your dinner is very important. It helps you to quickly digest your food.
  2. Reduction in the intake of sweets and try to have sugar free food and one should also focus on eating healthy and having a diet chart.
  3. Meditation – meditation is a form of yoga which not only is beneficial for the diabetic patients but doctors even suggest the non-diabetic people to meditate as it reduces the anxiety level of the body and even the stress level falls down considerably. It helps to lower the insulin resistance in our body. Mediation enables us to make our metabolic syndrome normal and reduces diabetes.
  1. Natural herbs that help you to better control your diabetes.
  2. Cinnamon ( dalchenne) – One of the most effective ways to control your diabetes, China uses it in their medicines from a very long time. It reduces the effects of blood glucose levels. Cinnamon helps the body to lower the increasing blood glucose levels. So a diabetic patient should focus on intake of it and he can even test it by having half tea spoon for about 40 days he/she will reduce around 18% of cholesterol and 24% of blood sugar level.
  1. Bitter Melon( Karela) – Bitter melon also known as bitter gourd  and it is used in the cure treatment of diabetes in Asia, South America. This fruit contains three anti diabetic elements which help the person to reduce the blood sugar levels in the body. According to a clinical study the intake of 40g of bitter melon for 40 days has considerably reduce the blood sugar levels in the body and the person has a complete control over his diabetes. And there are many other uses of bitter melon so he/she can stay healthy by eating it on a regular basis.
  1. Green Tea – Green tea is suggested by doctors even to the non-diabetic patients. One of the most beneficial things for a human body to stay healthy is green tea. People who have it daily have less probability to fall sick and will even live longer. Let’s see how it impacts diabetes.

Intake of green take will help the person to-

  1. Prevention of type 2 diabetes.
  2. Control over the glucose blood level.
  3. Manage the insulin level in the body.
  1. Olive oil ( jaitun ka tel) – A very effective way to control diabetes is jaitun ka tel, one can prefer to cook all his food stuff which require oil in the olive oil. Olive oil helps the person to have a control on the cholesterol level of their body olive oil helps the person to manage their type2 diabetes in a very effective way, according to the researchers. And it is also useful for the person to have an healthy interventions if he has food cooked in olive oil instead.

So this is all about how to reduce and control your diabetes in a better way and without spending any extra cost by just following some natural tips. A person need not take in any medications if he sincerely follows these tips regularly. Consistency is the key to cure and control your diabetes or else it will lead to massive other problems. Diabetes need to be cured right now! Never delay, do it before it is too late. A diabetic patient should be conscious about his/her health and intakes and make sure he is exercising to stay fit. Obesity can add on to your diabetes.

A little bit of exercising, meditation and intake of few things will never be harm although it is hard in the beginning but one can always give a try.

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